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As the Bank that in the focus of its responsibility puts the preservation of health and health prevention, we would like to provide you, our valued customers of Euro PLATA PREMIJA current accounts, , with a free of charge, medical check-ups at the well-known medical institution BEL MEDIC.

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Especially for you, we have created a completely new service, so far unique in the banking market in Serbia - Medifree®, which allows you to use the following services in BEL MEDIC medical institution completely free of charge:

1) Unlimited number of visits during the year to doctors of the following specialties:

For ladies

  • Gynecologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • General surgeon
  • Internist or GP (and ECG)
  • Plus only during August prevention of oral disease through examination and ultrasonic dental tartar removal

For gentlemen

  • Internist (and ECG)
  • Ophthalmologist
  • General surgeon
  • GP
  • Plus only during August prevention of oral disease through examination and ultrasonic dental tartar removal

2) Discounts on other services of BEL MEDIC when paying with Eurobank payment cards, with the possibility of payment in 3,6,9 and 12 monthly installments without interest

  • 15% discount for:
    - other postgraduate examinations, which are not included in the basic service
    - diagnostic procedures
    - therapeutic procedures
    - dental care (except dental prosthetics and jewelry)
  • 20% discount for:
    - laboratory analysis

3) The same discounts as in point 2 for the members of your immediate family (spouse, children)

Open your Euro PLATA PREMIJA current account, become a user of MediFree® service and provide yourself:

  • Top-class health service for you and your family members keeping in mind that BEL MEDIC employs the most eminent physicians of all specialties.
  • Saving your money, given the fact that in addition to numerous discounts, you will have a certain number of totally free medical check- ups.
  • Maximum comfort, due to a possibility to schedule a telephone check-ups and do them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at one of 3 locations in Belgrade.

Preservation of health of the entire family is the basic goal of each of us. That is why we are very happy if together with our partner Bel Medic and our MediFree ® service, at least partially helped in the realization of this goal.

* MediFree ® service is considered to be active after receiving the first salary on the current account, and after receiving MediFree ® identification card, which is required to show during each visit to BEL MEDIC.