National Pet Centre for nuclear diagnostics

We are aware of the fact that the healthcare system of the country is important for its regular functioning and we want to contribute to it in the best and most suitable, as well as efficient manner. We honestly believe that our efforts in this area will improve healthcare services in Serbia.

Within the healthcare program, the Clinical Centre of Serbia, on 20th October, has opened the PET Centre, the most sophisticated centre for diagnostics and treating malignant diseases, the first in our region. Owing to a donation of Eurobank worth EUR1 million, and additional EUR3 million through a very favorable loan, the PET Centre will be equipped with the latest and most expensive devices, which will largely contribute to treating this severe disease.

PET Centre was inaugurated by the President of Serbia, Boris Tadic and Minister of Health, Tomica Milosavljevic, with the presence of many media representative.

Expected results and advantages of the National PET Centre are as follows: faster precise diagnostics and improved results of treating most frequent and severe diseases (patient turnover should reach 3,000 per year at the minimum), a reduced number of unnecessary surgical and other therapeutic procedures as a result of reliability of PET findings and a positive commercial effect of the Centre exploitation.

Owing to huge diagnostics potentials of this technique, precise diagnostics of most frequent and severe diseases is faster, thus contributing to timely and suitable treatment planning, precise evaluation of treatment results, and therefore to better health prospects. Furthermore, unnecessary, less beneficial and often invasive diagnostics and therapy procedures are eliminated.