Comfort for your home – the insurance of inhabited apartments and their contents

You have invested great efforts in creating a perfect home for yourself and your family. Contingencies often happen and can harm your plans and your property. That is why it is good for you to have a ready-made solution that will relieve you of extra care due to unforeseen situations. That is why Eurobank in cooperation with AXA Insurance offers Comfort for your home, an efficient way to protect your living area.

Quickly and easily find out the price of insurance with your housing loan in the nearest Eurobank branch!

What does the Comfort for your home include?

This insurance provides you with financial compensation for damages at your house or apartment building due to:
Insured objects

Building contents
Thunder strike
Bursts of plumbing pipes
Burglary and robbery


What is the validity period of the insurance?

You may purchase Comfort for your home insurance with a housing loan or independently, with no relation to the loan of the Bank.

If you buy the insurance with the housing loan of Eurobank, the insurance validity period is equal to the housing loan repayment period. With all housing loans of Eurobank, home insurance is mandatory and the home contents insurance represents a great supplement to your financial security.

If you buy the insurance as a stand-alone product, the insurance contract validity period is defined by yourself. It may last for a minimum one year, but it may also be agreed for a multi-year or indefinite period. In such cases, the validity of the policy is renewed on annual level.

How much does the insurance premium cost?

The premium of the Comfort for home insurance is defined on the basis of the apartment area and the construction value of the building. Premium is paid annually. You can get a calculation of insurance premium quickly and easily in all branches of Eurobank.