Travel insurance

What is a travel insurance?

During your journey or temporary stay abroad, in the event of unforeseen circumstances you may often need health, travel or any other kind of assistance. In cooperation with AXA Insurance Eurobank offers travel insurance that provides you with a support and help in the most urgent situations while you are abroad.

What does the travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance offers a wide range of coverage and a variety of services. You can buy the policy for yourself when you travel alone, for members of your family or if you travel in a group with several people. You can adjust the insurance to your needs while the territorial coverage can include Europe or can be extended to the world. By choosing AXA travel insurance, you ensure complete protection and a peaceful journey with no worries.

What to do if you need help?

In case you need a medical assistance, legal or travel assistance, during your journey or temporary stay abroad, call immediately AXA Assistance at phone no. +381 11 381 81 56. Give your personal details (name and surname, policy number and contact phone number) and describe the situation to the operator who will address you in Serbian. After that, the operator will give you the instructions and it is of great importance for you to act in accordance with the received instructions. In case the operator refers you to the health institution due to necessary medical assistance, during your visit and medical check up, show your travel insurance policy to the doctor.

What is AXA Assistance?

AXA Assistance is an international company, a partner of AXA Insurance in providing support to the insured. Anywhere in the world, at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, AXA Assistance provides quick and efficient help. Through years of experience the company developed the efficient system of support, which enables it to offer a wide range of services: from finding of the lost luggage, to quick interventions in critical health situations.

Important information

In order to conclude travel insurance contract, you need identification data (JMBG) and passport numbers for persons who travel. Travel insurance policy must be contractually agreed before the beginning of the journey. In order for the policy to be valid, the premium policy needs to be paid in total before the beginning of the journey.