300,000+300,000 with any salary

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Uniqe solution for all debts, with additional cash

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Eurobank loan gives you the oportunity to refinance all your financial obligations – loans, credit cards, overdraft – in amount of 300,000 RSD with the same amount of additional cash, with any salary!*

With this loan, you can refinance all your credit obligations, and to have extra cash on your account. We will tailor the loan to suit you, based on your needs.

This great offer is available with any salary*.

Visit your nearest branch and apply for this unique offer.

Offer is valid for payroll clients only.


Amount (RSD)

Repayment period



Monthly istallment (RSD)

Repayed after 96 months (RSD)







** For EIR calculation is used value of 3mBelibor which was on 30/06/2016 3.55%. EIR is calculated on 30.06.2016. Nominal interest rate is determined quarterly –in January, April, July and October in the way that variable element is to be aligned with the values of officially published reference rate on the last day of the month that precedes the month in which adjustment is made.Changed variable interest rate will be applied in the first accounting period that starts after the change.

* Taking into account permanent employment and legally defined minimimum monthly salary in Republic Serbia.
Visit nearest Eurobank branch office or call EuroPHONE 0800 111144 and schedule a meeting with our colleagues.

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