My first loan

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Loan designed especially for youth, without permenent employment and with great ambitios and plans for the future.

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You can not obtain cash loan because you don’t have permanent employment? Still do not have credit history?
The things have changed! Eurobank has a great solution!

Why You?

  • You are between 22 and 32 years
  • You've already got your first job
  • You are still with no permanent employment
  • Your plans for the future are ambitious

Why Eurobank cash loan?

  • You like to be relaxed while shopping
  • You don’t think about when your salary will be deposited
  • You miss a little money for the desired trip
  • Plan to buy new computer or smartphone
  • Enjoy buying via internet
  • You have a great idea for which you need cash

My first loan is for you-when you urgently need cash!

Amount: 64.000 – 120.000 RSD

Interest rate: 3mBelibor* +11%, EIR from 19,69%, variable*

Period of approval: 12-24 months

Disbursement fee: No disbursement fee

Monthly administration fee: 0,15%



Repayment fee

Disbursement fee

Monthly administration fee


NIR* (variable**)

EIR* (variable**)








*For EIR calculation is used value of 3mBelibor which was on 31.03.2017. 3,52%. EIR is calculated on 31.03.2017.

**Level of the nominal interest rate is determined quarterly –in January, April, July and October in the way that variable element is to be aligned with the values of officially published reference rate on the last day of the month that precedes the month in which adjustment is made.Changed variable interest rate will be applied in the first accounting period that starts after the change.

To apply for loan, you need to fill out Employment sertificate have it certified by your employer and visit the nearest branch to the bank.

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