Subsidized mortgage loan for professional military personnel

Eurobank has expanded loan offer with subsidized mortgage loans for military personnel. In cooperation with the Ministry of Defence Eurobank has started to accept applications for long-term mortgage loan for professional military personnel of the Army of Serbia in 2017. Ministry will provide its employees the resources necessary for downpayment in a mortgage loan at Eurobank. The loan is intended for Serbian citizens residing in the territory of the Republic of Serbia with the status of professional military personnel of the Army of the Republic of Serbia.

Loan amount: up to 100.000 EUR

Currency: EUR


  • Downpayment of Republic Serbia: 14% -25% from purchase price of property (requested loan amount provided frombudget of Republic Serbia)
  • Client’s downpayment: if the participation of the state less than 20%, professional military person must provide personal participation

Interest rate:

  • Bank loan: NIR 6mEuribor**+3.33%; EIR from 3.49%, variable ** ; state loan: 0.1%, fix

Repayment period:

  • Bank loan up to 300 months; Republic Serbia loan: last 60 months of repayment period

Disbursement fee: 1%

*Offer is valid only for Payroll clients

Life insurance is optional, except for clients with high risk occupations. LTV-ratio is max 80% of property value .


Property price (in EUR)

Bank loan amount

(in EUR)

State loan amount

(in EUR)

NIR*EIRMonthly installment for banks loan

(in EUR)

Monthly installment for state loan

(in EUR)

Disbursement fee

(in EUR)

Annual administration fee




3.09* on bank loan, 0.1% on state loan

3.59% on bank loan





*Interest rate is variable. On 31/03/2017 value of 6mEuribor was -0.24%.

**Nominal interest rate is determined 2 times per year (1st of July and 1st of January), when the variable base is aligned with the values of official Reference rate, on the installment date in the month when the alignment is done. Changed variable interest rate will be applied in the first accounting period that starts after the change.