Foreign exchange (FX)

Eurobank a.d. Belgrade offers any kind of conversions (Dinar against major foreign currencies - foreign currency against foreign currency), at the best price of the market, using Eurobank Group experience in FX markets and latest technical solutions for monitoring financial markets.

Money market (MM)

Eurobank a.d. Belgrade offers very attractive interest rates for dinars and foreign currency deposits as well as dinar deposits linked to foreign currency for different maturities.

Securities (Bonds)

Through Eurobank a.d. Belgrade our clients are able to buy / sell all kind of bonds tradable on Serbian market (T-bills Ministry of Finance as well as zero coupon EUR denominated government bonds that we are servicing as agent of the government).

Research and Advising

Eurobank a.d. Belgrade offers financial services based on daily analysis of the most important data from financial market (MM , FX , Securities).

Structure products

Eurobank a.d. Belgrade is able to offer different kinds of structure products that can meet all present as well as future needs of our clients:

  • FX forward,
  • Interest Rate Swap,
  • structure deposits,
  • repo transactions,
  • Foreign currency savings bonds, etc