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Big Heart

After the great success and numerous awards in the field of support to the community in the cities in which the Bank operates, it was decided that one of its most successful and most profitable product - credit card, uses for humanitarian purposes. Eurobank and the "Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac" launched in early February 2010, the humanitarian MasterCard credit card "Big Heart", under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Through cooperation with local government, it was noted that many playgrounds in state kindergartens need of maintenance or repair, which unfortunately could not be implemented due to lack of funds. By launching of the humanitarian card, the desire of the Bank and the Foundation was to improve the situation in which it is located and offer the children of Serbia a better and safer place to play. Research on individual and corporate philanthropy confirmed that the willingness to support the citizens most pronounced when it comes to the needs of children as the most vulnerable categories, while the "Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac" was recognized as one of the most trusted.
Using unique MasterCard credit card offers to clients the opportunity to support the reconstruction of playgrounds in state kindergartens across Serbia, at no extra cost. During each transaction "Big Heart"MasterCard, the Bank allocates funds from their expenses of the monthly account maintenance, and directs them to the account of the Foundation for the reconstruction of children's playgrounds.
Customers who choose the MasterCard credit card "Big Heart" will not bear any additional cost and can use it as any other standard credit card - for purchases and cash withdrawals. Figures speak about the success of this project: more than 22,000 users of "Big Heart" MasterCard (32% of total issued cards), thanks to which 33 playgrounds in kindergartens and primary schools throughout Serbia were reconstructered, and where 15,000 children sprend time.