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Free Savings in Eurobank EFG

26 April 2011.

Belgrade, April 26, 2011 – Eurobank EFG, the bank of the first choice for retail savings, traditionally offers an exceptionally attractive interest on a’vista savings, “Free Savings”, with an interest earned on a monthly basis.

The main advantage of Free Savings is that clients can have their funds at disposal at any time. In other words, deposits and withdrawals are possible at any moment and amount, with no limit or loss of interest. In addition, clients get an attractive interest, added to their account at the end of each month, and have their funds at disposal as of that day.

- As the official agent of the Serbian Government, Eurobank EFG starts servicing the payment of this year’s installment of frozen currency savings bonds on May 31. To make the procedure of having old savings at disposal as simple as possible, Eurobank offers a special benefit for old foreign currency savings clients – an option which saves time and earns additional income through a transfer order of the frozen bonds installment to a Free Savings account – underlined Goran Tomić, head of Retail Deposits in Eurobank EFG.

Retail clients can obtain more information on Free Savings from Savings Advisors, via e-mail, through selecting a special option at the website, or dialling the toll-free EuroPHONE at 0800 111144/Option 7. Savings Advisors, experts for deposits, will provide clients with detailed information on managing their savings, interest rate payments, types of savings products, as well as all other savings-related questions.

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