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Eurobank EFG started receiving applications for loan reprogramming

9 May 2011.

Belgrade, May 09th 2011 - As part of its ongoing program of financial support to retail clients, Eurobank EFG has started receiving applications for retail loan reprogramming, in line with the proposals by the Association of Serbian banks and the Serbian Government.

Reprogramming can be applied for by beneficiaries of long-term loans, taken before December 31st, 2010 with remaining tenor longer than 12 months, whose repayment capacities are currently reduced for objective reasons and are less than 180 days overdue with their repayments.

The reprogramming conditions include the option of introducing a grace period and extending the loan repayment period. Interest rate is paid during the grace period, with the possible exception of cases when a client is out of work due to objective reasons. Special repayment terms will be provided for such clients.

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