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GO INTERNATIONAL - Press release

7 July 2011.

Greek – Serbian Bilateral Trade & Regional Synergies

The programme ‘GO INTERNATIONAL’, which is under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by Eurobank EFG in cooperation with the three leading Associations of Greece (PSE, SEVE and SEK), is evolving into a strong institution for supporting the extroversion and networking of Greek companies with foreign import & export companies.

GO INTERNATIONAL - Press release
After the successful held Forum in Cyprus last February, in the context of which more than 1000 business meetings took place, Serbia is the next destination of the Programme. The next ‘Go International’ Forum ‘Greek – Serbian Bilateral Trade & Regional Synergies’ will take place in Belgrade on October, 24th & 25th 2011, where representatives of Greek companies will have the opportunity to meet with significant companies from 6 Balkan countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary) and Russia. In the context of the Forum, the Greek and Serbian government will be represented on a ministerial level.

Significant foreign companies, which operate in the markets-targets, have already shown interest in participating in the direct business meetings with Greek companies. The participation of Eurobank EFG Serbia, through the information of its corporate clients about the possibilities of developing cooperation schemes with Greek export companies, plays an important role in the successful implementation of the Programme.

Choosing Serbia
as the country, that hosts the next Forum, is based upon the dynamic economic and commercial affairs between Greece and Serbia that impress in an ideal way the excellent relationships of these two countries on a national, political and economic levels as well as the special role of the neighboring country in the greater geographical area. It is worth mentioning that Serbia is the only European country that holds a status of special commercial agreements with Russia, which enables the Serbian market to become a bridge to a significant market including all the former Eastern Europe.

Bilateral meetings between Greek companies and regional partners will be pre-arranged and carried out in areas especially created for the event. Therefore, all interested parties should state their participation in due course.

For additional information, please contact Eurobank EFG, via email: