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1 September 2011.

New Refinancing Loan of Eurobank EFG

Belgrade, September 1 2011 - Eurobank EFG has offered to its clients a new refinancing loan for consolidating the existing monthly obligations, with one monthly instalment lower up to 30%. Retail clients can take a refinancing loan for any type of debt (loans, credit cards, overdraft), in Dinars and Euro.

Eurobank EFG has also provided an additional benefit for all those who opt for this type of loan, available with no processing fee in the promo period until October 01.

Combining all monthly debts into one installment represents a significant benefit for retail clients who wish to settle all monthly obligations with only one visit to the bank. A procedure of applying for a refinancing loan is very simple, with only an ID required.

- Beneficiaries who are prudent towards their obligations deserve to be rewarded for it. That is why Eurobank EFG offers an opportunity to pay all monthly instalments with only one visit to the Bank and also, to save up to 30 % each month when paying financial obligation. This refinancing loan also offers an option of taking additional cash in line with clients' needs and capabilities – underlined Nikolaos Koulompouros, Head of Consumer Lending in Eurobank EFG.

All interested retail clients can get best loan advice in any of more than 100 Eurobank branches across Serbia, which will provide them will all additional information, also available at toll-free EuroPHONE 0800 1111 44.

Eurobank EFG is a member of Eurobank EFG Group, a European banking organization with total assets of €87.2bn (2010). The Group employs 23,000 people and offers its products and services both through its network of over 1,600 branches and points of sale, and through alternative distribution channels in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Cyprus. It is a member of the EFG Group, an international banking group with presence across 40 countries. More information about Eurobank EFG can be found at

For additional information, please contact the authorised public relations agency, McCann Erickson Public Relations, at 011 2029 600. Contact: Ivana Pavlović 063 345-329 and Jasmina Bogosavljević 063 384 263