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7th children’s playground in Čačak reconstructed

5 October 2011.

A reconstructed children’s playground of the “Radost I i II“ Kindergarten has been opened in Čačak within the “Big Heart” project. Funds for the reconstruction were provided via the “Big Heart” credit card, issued jointly by Eurobank EFG and the “Ana & Vlade Divac“ Foundation.

7th children’s playground in Čačak reconstructed
As of today, more than 250 children of all ages will be given an opportunity in “Radost I i II“ kindergartens in Čačak to have a more cheerful and more carefree childhood on a reconstructed children playground ceremonially opened by Eurobank EFG Consumer Lending Division Head Nikolaos Koulompouros and Vlade Divac, the renowned basketball player and humanitarian activist. The “Radost I i II“ kindergartens are among the oldest pre-school institutions in Čačak and the “Big Heart” campaign has provided playing space with the state-of-the–art equipment adjusted to disabled children’s needs as well.

- It is a genuine pleasure to have an opportunity to open the 7th reconstructed playground in Serbia within the “Big Heart” project. We launched this project in February 2010, wishing to make space for playing of children in Serbia nicer and safer and thus make their childhood more beautiful. We find it important that playing items are completely safe, adjusted to children of all ages, as well as disabled children. Naturally, we are more than grateful to our clients, who have provided their support and helped this humanitarian campaign by using the “Big Heart” MasterCard affinity card, says Eurobank EFG Consumer Lending Division Head Nikolaos Koulompouros.
Eurobank EFG and the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation launched the “Big Heart” affinity credit card under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Using this unique MasterCard credit card provides clients of the Bank with an opportunity to support the reconstruction of children’s playgrounds in state kindergartens across Serbia with no additional costs. So far, six playgrounds of kindergartens across Serbia have been successfully reconstructed, whereas Radost kindergarten, the seventh renovated one, were given the most sophisticated playing space owing to funds collected by the “Big Heart” card.
“Big Heart” credit card users, upon each transaction (including purchasing and cash withdrawals), enable Eurobank EFG to renounce part of its profit paid with the Foundation “Ana&Vlade Divac” whereas all the gathered funds are used for reconstruction of children playgrounds. Eurobank EFG’s clients who opt for the “Big Heart” MasterCard card will participate in this campaign in the most direct manner, thus do not bear any additional costs and can use it as any other standard credit card. The more clients use the “Big Heart” MasterCard card, the stronger support for a better and more cheerful childhood of the children in Serbia will be provided.
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The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation (HOD) was established with the mission to provide financial, material and other resources necessary to fulfil physical, mental, social and other needs of refugees, internally displaced persons and