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A Unique Event on Multilateral Trade and Regional Synergies in Belgrade

25 October 2011.

Go International: over 300 companies engaged in more than 2.000 business meetings to boost trade and increase economic cooperation in South East Europe

Belgrade – Under the title “Bilateral Cooperation and Regional Synergies”, an innovative business forum was organized in Belgrade, as part of the two-day “Go-International” Programme of Economic Cooperation organized by Eurobank EFG. “Go International “brought together more than 300 enterprises from Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Russia, who realized more than 2.000 one-to-one meetings to explore business opportunities and conclude commercial and trade agreements.

A Unique Event on Multilateral Trade and Regional Synergies in Belgrade

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“Go International“ is a landmark initiative designed as an unique programme of economic cooperation, implemented by Eurobank EFG group in cooperation with three leading Greek business associations (PSE, SEVE and SEK) and organised under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Greek-Serbian Business Council.

The event was also attended by the elite of the business community in Serbia, representatives of major business associations and the media, including the Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojša Ćirić, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Miloš Bugarin and the President of the Serbian Business Club “Privrednik” Branislav Grujić. Eurobank EFG group has been represented by Giorgio Pradelli, General Manager of the International Activities Division, Professor Gikas A. Hardouvelis, Chief Economist and Head of Economic Research at Eurobank EFG Group and Mr. Filippos Karamanolis, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank EFG Serbia.

“Serbia as a country represents an important hub for trade in the region due to its strategic geographical location, the positive future prospects of its economy (especially in view of EU convergence) and the advantageous commercial relationship with Russia and other markets due to the existing free-trade agreements. We are therefore proud to be hosting the 2nd «Go International» program in Belgrade. ”, said Philippos Karamanolis, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank EFG in his introductory speech.

As one of the business forum panellists, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Milos Bugarin underlined that global economy turmoil will not affect Serbia’s and Greece’s joint business plans, but instead it will invent new forms of cooperation and strengthen the ties between the two countries. “Serbia has “used” the period of crisis to additionally increase the attractiveness of its market by expanding the existing and establishing new customs-free arrangements. Opportunities for further growth of volume and quality of trade exchange lie in the areas of agribusiness, tourism and innovation. ”, said Mr. Bugarin.

“Go International” is an innovative program of economic cooperation aimed at gradual growth and expansion in Central and Eastern Europe, namely in countries where Eurobank EFG group operates: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and Cyprus. Initiated by Eurobank EFG group, this unique program is organised for the second time, and the selection of Serbia as the host country, after Cyprus, is based its strategic location in the region, the prospects of its dynamic economy and market and its special commercial relations to the Russian market.

The first “Go-International” event in Cyprus has resulted in significantly increasing multilateral trade between Greece, Cyprus and the Middle Eastern countries, thus creating a unique business platform which we strongly believe that we can achieve in Serbia as well. These results are yet another proof of the unexplored potential of cross border trade and fully justify our vision for development in the wider Balkan and Eastern Europe area”, said Mr. Pradelli, General Manager of the International Activities Division of Eurobank EFG group during the Belgrade event.

Eurobank EFG has entered the Serbian market in 2003 and in only a few years has managed to become one of the top five banks in the country, steadily expanding its operations with Serbian businesses, private customers and institutions. Eurobank EFG Group is one of the biggest investors in Serbia having invested more than 500 million Euros.

The full texts of speeches are posted on Go International page

Eurobank EFG is a member of Eurobank EFG Group, a European banking organization with total assets of €87.2bn (2010). The Group employs 23,000 people and offers its products and services both through its network of over 1,600 branches and points of sale, and through alternative distribution channels in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Cyprus. It is a member of the EFG Group, an international banking group with presence across 40 countries. More information about Eurobank EFG can be found at /.

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