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Eurobank EFG helped equipping school gym

26 December 2011.

Big Heart for children from Rujišnik

Eurobank EFG and the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation have provided equipment for the gym of the department of the Ljubivoje Bajić Medveđa Elementary School in the village of Rujišnik near Trstenik, within the “Big Heart” affinity credit card project.

The Ljubivoje Bajić Medveđa Elementary School, namely its department in the village of Rujišnik, is attended by 1st to 4th graders and is one of few schools in the area with a gym. After an appeal of teacher Veroljub Miletić, the Bank has enabled the purchase of sports equipment for the gym from funds raised in the "Big Heart" project.

"Although the "Big Heart" MasterCard credit card primarily serves for reconstructing playgrounds in state kindergartens, we could not but respond to an appeal of a school teacher, who for years provided funds for the purchase of equipment for the favourite sports of pupils – basketball. As before, we wished to provide support where it was most needed and we hope that this donation will enable the pupils to enjoy sports, which is one of the main objectives of "Big Heart"," said Aleksandar Milovanović, Regional Director of Eurobank EFG.

"When we launched this project in February 2010, our main objective was to provide the youngest with an opportunity to enjoy playing and socialising with their peers. I am very satisfied with the progress of the "Big Heart" project and glad to see how it helps our children to grow in a healthier manner, but I need to point out that I have a special pleasure on this occasion, since the elementary school pupils from Rujišnik and I equally like basketball," said Vlade Divac, our renowned basketball player and a humanitarian activist.

Eurobank EFG and the "Ana and Vlade Divac" Foundation launched the "Big Heart" affinity MasterCard credit card under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Upon each transaction, including purchasing and cash withdrawals, Eurobank EFG renounces part of its profit and donates it to the Foundation for the reconstruction of children’s playgrounds in children’s institutions across Serbia. Owing to the use of this card, playgrounds in Belgrade, Niš, Nova Pazova, Pančevo, Čačak, Vlasotince, Bor, and Prokuplje have been reconstructed so far. The more clients opt for the "Big Heart" MasterCard card, the more children in the cities of Serbia can share the same joy.