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Euro PLATA, for the cost of only 160 dinars a month enables you to use the following products and services within your current account:

DinaCard debit card

  • No issuing and maintenence fees

Visa Electron debit card

  • No issuance and maintenance fee


  • Immediately after the first payment of salary
  • In the amount of up to 2 monthly salary

Cash Loan

  • Without disbursement fee
  • Annual interest rate lower than the one in the standard Bank offer

Mortgage Loan

  • Lower disbursement fee than the one in the standard Bank offer
  • Annual interest rate Lower than the one in the standard Bank offer

e-Babcxcbanking, m-Babcxcbanking and t-Babcxcbanking

  • Free online access to your financies and possibility of making transactions via PC or mobile devices

Standing Order

  • The possibility of paying monthly bills by setting the standing order with no need of visiting the branch

Opening an account with Eurobank is as simple as bringing with you:

  • personal ID, or
  • passport

EuroPHONE 0800 111144/ option 0