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Dina Card

With EuroLine Dine credit card you have the opportunity of buying and paying at more than 50.000 sales points all over Serbia and you can get cash in all branches and ATM machines of Eurobank as well as at all other ATM machines with Dina Card logo.

  • Any transaction (purchase or cash withdrawal at ATM’s or at the teller desk in the branch office) you can easily split in monthly installments by your wish in (3,6,9,12 monthly installments) - for more information go to page "Installment functionality for all payment cards of Eurobank
  • Available grace period up to 50 days from the date of purchase
  • Start using your bought goods immediately, and pay later minimal monthly installments of 5%. According to Your preference pay more than the minimum due each month
  • Regular monthly report about completed transactions will be delivered to the address you requested or via e-mail
  • Pay your bill via m-B@nking, e-B@nking or with standing order
  • Each time You make a monthly payment that amount is available to You again for new purchases and cash withdrawals

For all additional information and help concerning the use of EuroLine Dina credit card call us toll free at: Euro PHONE 0800 11 11 44.