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This application enables you to ask a question, make a suggestion, submit a commendation or complaint about Eurobank a.d. If you are submitting a complaint, hereby we inform you that we shall deliver a reply within 15 days from the date of the complaint to your e-mail (if you registered your e-mail), or by regular post. If, due to the objective reasons, we are unable to reply to you, the above stated deadline may be extended by additional 15 days, of which you shall be informed in writing, with the reasons for the delay being stated, as well as the final deadline for sending you a response. The complaint you submit must contain your accurate data (either CIF or Personal Identification Number – JMBG), as well as the information about the service you are making the complaint about, so that your relationship with Eurobank a.d. may be unequivocally established, as well as the reasons for submitting the complaint. If you are not satisfied with the response or if we do not deliver a written reply within the above stated deadlines (15 days, with possible extension), you may submit a complaint to the National Bank of Serbia.


Hereby I state that I am informed about the personal data processing in accordance with Article 15 of the Law on Personal Data Protection, by being able to access the General Business Conditions published on Eurobank a.d. website, and that I regard the aforementioned as adequate information on personal data processing. Having been informed as the above, I, of my own free will, AGREE and CONSENT that the Bank may use my personal data, obtained with regards to my person as the banking services user, in the capacity of data controller as per the Law on Personal Data Protection. I am also in agreement and give my consent to the Bank to deliver my personal data (name and surname, date of birth, address, Personal Identification Number – JMBG, number of ID card/ passport, contact telephone number, e-mail) and the nature of my business relationship with the Bank, to the National Bank of Serbia, whereas the Bank shall make sure only data necessary for the resolution of the submitted complaint are delivered. I hereby state that I provide my personal data to the Bank of my own free will, that I am informed as to the purpose the Bank collects them, the manner in which the Bank will use these data, as well as the possibility to recall my consent in which case I accept to bear all legal ramification of such recall. My access to this online application shall represent fully valid consent I give to the Bank in the light of Article 10 Law on Personal Data Protection.