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700.000 with any salary

At your request Eurobank loan has become even better! Now you can take 700 000 RSD with any salary!

Refinance all your obligations - loans from other banks, credit card debts, your current account debt - with enough cash left in your account. Depending on your needs, we will try to tailor the loan for you. This great offer applies to any salary *. This means that Eurobank credit is available to you, regardless of the amount of your income.For higher loan amounts, we offer even better conditions. Ask in your nearest Eurobank office.


Amount (RSD)

Repayment period

Loan processing fee

Monthly administration fee





Monthly intallment months (RSD)

Total repayed (RSD)









*The stated offer is valid under conditions of receiving earnings through the account in Eurobank, taking into account the permanent employment and the registered minimum legal monthly salary in the Republic of Serbia.

**The interest rate is variable and is defined as the sum of 3M Belibor and a fixed share of 6%. Value of 3M Belibor on 31.03.2018. amounts to 2.91% and is applied until 30.06.2018. The nominal interest rate is set at quarterly level, in January, April, July and October, by changing the variable element to the values of the officially published reference interest rates on the last day of the month preceding the month when the adjustment is made. The modified variable interest rate shall be applied for the first accounting period that occurs after the change has taken place.

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