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m-B@nking for Business clients

Eurobank Serbia presents the Mobile Business Banking service, which enables you to pay on the go, quick, easy and safe. You can have complete control of your finances at any place, regardless of the branch working hours.

With Mobile Business Banking service you can:

  • make domestic payments and transfers between own accounts
  • view account balance and turnover for all your accounts
  • retrieve account statements for RSD accounts
  • send total account turnover statement to mail-address you registered
  • send payment order confirmation to your personal mail
  • provide your employees with different access levels (view option only or view and pay)
  • schedule payment orders for future date
  • make payments easier by creating your own payment templates or create new payment order by simply copying an existing one
  • personalize the application by customizing the name of the specific account, loan or a credit card, or by changing the login password or transaction confirmation pin.
  • check the overdraft expiration date
  • search the map for Eurobank ATMs and branches

How to register for Mobile Business Banking?

Application is available for Android, IOS and Windows Mobile phone users.

In order to register for Mobile Business Banking service, it is necessary to fill out the Registration form in any of our branches throughout Serbia. All you have to do is to have a business account with our Bank.

Activation is free and there are no monthly fees for Mobile Banking service. Fees for processing payment orders are charged in accordance with the applicable Tariff of Charges of the Bank, as for the e-banking services.

Existing clients of Prima packages must sign new Frame contract on opening and maintaining Prima RSD account (Basic, Plus or Exclusive) which contains M-banking service free of charge on that basis.

During the activation of the Mobile Business Banking service, while at our branch, the user will receive a PIN mailer envelope, and a welcome SMS at a mobile number that is stated at the registration form. The authorized user needs to download our app. “Eurobank Srbija m-B@nking” from the Play Store/App Store/Windows Store, depending on the type of operating system of his/hers device and then login with the activation code from the PIN mailer envelope, and set a new password, known only to him/her, which will be used for login from then on.

Safe and secure!

Security of our customers is our first priority during application development. Eurobank Mobile Business Banking service is designed never to store any of your financial data or passwords at your device.

Login password and transactions validation PIN are delivered to the authorized user in the PIN mailer secure envelope (same as for credit cards) ensuring that no one, except the authorized user, can access the confidential credentials. Application enables authorized users to change the login password and the transaction validation PIN, as a way to increase safety and protection of their confidential data.

The authorized user can login and use mbanking application on multiple devices, but only one of the devices per user at a time can be registered for domestic payments, which further prevents the possibility of abuse. For the additional safety, every time that the authorized user changes password, pin, or changes a device that is used for Domestic payments inside Mobile Banking application, he will receive a notice to the email address registered in the system.

Also, the application offers the possibility of sending the Payment order confirmation at the registered e-mail.