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Prima Plus package

Monthly maintenance: 890 RSD

Opening and maintenance of account

It is an account working for you and providing you with the possibility of earning already from the first dinar on your account. It is up to you only to continue uninterruptedly to perform your business. The bigger amount on your account the more money you will earn.

Up to 500.000 RSD0.50%
500.000,01-1.000.000,00 RSD0.75%
Over 1.000.000,01 RSD1.50%

The interest rates are expressed at annual level and are valid for legal entities.

The interest rates for entrepreneurs are found on the following location 

Calculation for interest rate is performed on daily level, while the balance on your account is increased at the end of the month.

FX account

Current account in foreign currency for international transactions.

VISA Business Electron debit card

For all POS and ATM transactions, with VISA Business Electron debit card you acquire a permanent and quick access to Your finances in the country and abroad. It may be used as credit card if you have overdraft connected to the current account

SMS notifications

  • Information on changes of balance on the account of your company.
  • Notification on the moment of transactio.
  • Information on collection of loan installment.
  • Ideal means for control of expenses.

Sending electronic statement by e-mail

Overdraft with 50% lower commission for application processing

20% lower commission for payment of takings

Medical service MediFree – basic medical examinations which include:

  • for women - internist, ophthalmologist, general surgeon, gynecologist
  • for men - internist, ophthalmologist, general surgeon, general physician

m-Babcxcbanking Business

Personal Small Business Advisor

Dedicated, competent, always at your disposal.

Free of charge service of EuroPhone call center

24 hours a day, information center and assistance for all your questions, by calling the number 0800/1111-44/option 7.