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Corporate Governance

Since its beginning, Eurobank a.d. Belgrade has paid special attention to corporate governance issues complying with prescribed guidelines and regulations of the local and Group regulatory bodies.

Operating in an emerging market that is continuously adjusting to the best legal and corporate practices of the EU laws, the transparent and accountable governance was one of the most important items on the management agenda.

Corporate governance sets to secure responsible and good relations between the banks’ management bodies and its shareholders. It is responsible for the implementation of sound governance rules which comply with the National Bank of Serbia Law on Banks, the Law on Companies of the Republic of Serbia and other prescribed guidelines applied in the regulatory frame of the country in which the bank operates and on the Group level.

Members of Executive Board:

  1. Slavica Pavlović - President
  2. Milan Vićentić
  3. Dušan Mihailović
  4. Vuk Zečević

Board of Directors:

  1. Michalakis Louis - President
  2. Theodoros Karakasis – independent member and Vice President
  3. Stavros Ioannou – member
  4. Angelos Tsichrintzis – independent member
  5. Ivan Vujačić - independent member
  6. Anastasios Nikolaou – member
  7. Michail Vlastarakis – member
  8. Konstantinos Vousvounis – member
  9. Ivi Vigka - member
  10. Georgios Oikonomidis – independent member
  11. Lambros Yiannis Demosthenous - member
  12. Nikolaos Pavlidis – member

Responsibility towards employees

Being the employer of more than 16,200 people in Greece and abroad, the Eurobank Group has been committed to elevate and utilize its human resources, by implementing advanced selection, training, evaluation and reward methods.

Responsibility towards shareholders

Eurobank aims at the on-going promotion of corporate interests and the long-term prosperity of the Bank, operating with responsibility towards shareholders and constantly striving to increase shareholder value.

Responsibility towards clients

By offering innovate quality products and services, and by implementing a client-oriented strategy, the Bank intends to keep responding to all new client needs and covering them in full.

Responsibility towards suppliers

The Bank applies an integrated and consistent procurement procedure, and has established and associates’ selection policy, based on meritocracy and quality.

Responsibility towards society

The Bank is actively involved, and creatively supports the social process, through its social contribution, which is an integral part of its strategy. Education, culture, sports and the environment comprise the main pillars of the Bank’s social involvement and contribution.