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With our loans we make your business moving

Eurobank employs a substantial part of its potential through various types of crediting arrangements with companies with an aim to expand its corporate client portfolio, support profitable commercial projects and increase its market presence.

Crediting arrangements are structured according to the client's specific needs, demands and credit rating. The length of a credit period depends on the nature of the transaction and the client's redemption capacity. Interest rates are very competitive on the market and depend on: the total loan value and credit period, the arrangement type and finance purpose, the client's credit rating, the quality of credit guarantees, and the character and scope of the client's business with the bank. Credit redemption is arranged according to the credit period and transaction type, usually by paying interest on a monthly basis and returning the principal sum in equal monthly installments after the grace period or in full, once the loan matures for payment.

The Bank accepts the following as instruments of security: guarantee deposit, 'old' foreign exchange savings bonds, first mortgage on acceptable and easily marketed real estate, lien over acceptable equipment and other fixed assets, corporate guarantees and promissory notes from clients of very good standing.

Eurobank offers these credit types:

  1. Short-term dinar loans for financing operating assets and the client's current liquidity (up to 3 months)
  2. Short-term indexed dinar loans (with currency clause) for financing operating assets and the client's current liquidity (up to 12 months)
  3. Short-term foreign currency loans for financing the client's commitments to foreign suppliers (up to 12 months)
  4. Long-term indexed dinar loans (with currency clause) for refinancing the client's current commitments (up to 36 months)
  5. Long-term indexed dinar loans (with currency clause) for financing investments and other needs of the client (up to 60 months; can be extended in certain specific situations)
  6. Long-term foreign currency loans for financing equipment imports and other needs (up to 60 months; can be extended in certain specific situations)
  7. Short-term and long-term multipurpose framework lines for loans, guarantees and letters of credit
  8. Long Term Investment loans in cooperation with EIB and NBS -APEX Loan (Read more)

The following documents must be submitted to the bank when applying for a loan:

  • Certificate of company registration (all certificates issued to date)
  • Certified signatures of authorized company officersNotice of classification by activity issued by statistics authorities
  • Memorandum of association and company articles of association
  • Certificate of registration with Tax ID, issued by tax authorities
  • Certificate of the number of days and blockage limit since the beginning of the current business year, issued by the Agency for Forced Settlement
  • Short description of the company, which should include:
    - Short history of the company
    - Description of the company business and market characteristics (market standing, main competitors, company market share, market trends, offer/demand, etc.)
    - Information about the company management (name and surname, position, working experience, education, etc.) and the number and structure of company employees
    - Description of main products and services and their percentage contribution in the company's total income
    - Development plan and future business strategy
  • Financial reports for the last three financial periods, including balance sheet, operating statement, cash flow report; semi-annual report if applying in the second half of the year, and audit reports (where applicable)
  • Business plan or estimate for the coming period
  • Investment study (if applying for an investment loan)
  • Documents concerning instruments of security (e.g. land register certificate, lot plan, building plan, etc.)

If required, the bank may demand additional information or documents of which the client will be informed as soon as possible.