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Park in Vrnjačka Banja

Eurobank Park in Vrnjačka Banja Open

Nine parks in seven Serbian towns reconstructed within Eurobank Parks programme

Vrnjačka Banja, June 16 2011 – Representatives of Eurobank and Vrnjačka Banja municipality ceremonially opened a reconstructed and refurbished children playground within Vrnjačka Banja’s central park in the vicinity of town promenade.

The renovated park is part of the comprehensive CSR Eurobank “We invest in European values” programme within which Eurobank has so far invested over EUR3.6m in development of local community. This park in Vrnjačka Banja is the 9th park renovated within Eurobank’s efforts to provide green oases for residents of different Serbian towns.

Owing to Eurobank Parks project, apart from the park in Vrnjačka Banja, six more parks across Serbia have been refurbished: Botanical Garden in Belgrade, Inclusive Rainbow Park and Wedding Park at Ada Ciganlija, Novi Sad (Danube Park), Niš (Čair Park), Požarevac (Sunny Park), and Jagodina (Teacher Training Faculty’s Park). After the performance of the Magic Children’s Choir, a Eurobank representative and the president of Vrnjačka Banja municipality officially opened the refurbished playground together.

“Our park has been given a completely new appearance owing to the refurbished children playground. Parents and visitors of Vrnjačka Banja will now have an opportunity to spend their time surrounded by greenery and fresh air while their offsprings enjoy safe play with their friends. We are very grateful to Eurobank which has become our reliable partner and a good corporate neighbour,” the president of Vrnjačka Banja municipality Zoran Seizović said on the occasion. On behalf of Eurobank, the attendees were addressed by a member of the Executive Council Slavica Pavlović. “Guided by our strategic determination to contribute to improvement of living quality of local community, we make continuous investments in the community in which we successfully operate as one of leading foreign investors and banks, whereas refurbishment of parks is just one in the series of actions we undertake to that aim,” a member of Eurobank’s Executive Council Slavica Pavlović explained.

Eurobank Parks project is part of the comprehensive CSR “We invest in European values” programme which focuses on five fields: support to higher education, environmental protection, public healthcare, integration of disabled individuals in everyday life and work and culture. Eurobank Parks is part of this project dealing with environmental protection and establishment and renovation of green spaces in central town zones throughout Serbia.

Eurobank is also the laureate of the most prestigious awards granted to socially responsible companies in Serbia. Apart from the Virtus Award granted for the “We invest in European values” programme, the Bank has also been granted the Club of Business Journalists’ CSR Award, The Best of Serbia award as well as the National Award for 2010 granted by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


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