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Danube Park, Novi Sad

Environmental Lighting in Danube Park

Eurobank and the City of Novi Sad officially celebrated completion of works on renovation and modernization of decorative lighting of the Danube Park on May 2009. The value of this project is EUR150,000, out of which Eurobank granted 70% and the City of Novi Sad the remaining 30%, which represents an excellent example of cooperation between the private sector and the local self-government, in implementation of responsibility projects towards the social community.

As a socially responsible company, Eurobank aims to contribute to providing a healthy living environment through his programme, in addition to its successful business operations in its five branches in Novi Sad. Citizens of Novi Sad, who have enjoyed spending their leisure time in their most beautiful park, the Danube Park, can now enjoy an even more modern atmosphere and greenery of this heart of the capital of Vojvodina.