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About us

ERB Leasing AD is an affiliate company of Eurobank

We are eager to explore all your equipment financing needs, no matter whether you are a professional, a service-provider, a trader or a manufacturer. We offer you the opportunity to replace, expand or modernize your equipment, ranging from a simple piece of machinery to a full production line facility.

We take pride in our ability to provide competitive pricing, flexible terms and outstanding customer service. Our approach is to earn mutual trust and respect with our customers and establish a long-term relationship, build with creativity, professionalism and consistency.

A relationship, on which you can count every time you contact ERB Leasing with a financing request.

Members of Board of Directors

Milan Vićentić - president
Nenad Maksić
Konstantinos Kanakis
Zacharias Vlachos
Slavica Pavlović

Members of Executive Board

  • Vladan Miljanović - President of the Executive Board
  • Djordje Kalijadis