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Riziko program

Wiener Stӓdtische Riziko osiguranje je životno osiguranje koje pokriva samo slučaj smrti. Ono nema karakter štednje, a ugovara se na određeni rok trajanja. Za nisku premiju dobija se visoka osigurana suma, koja bi našim najmilijima pomogla da se u najtežem trenutku osećaju sigurno i da lakše prebrode finansijske izazove.


  • If you lead a stressful, dynamic life and are exposed to risks on daily basis (traffic accident, injury at work, etc.), it provides financial support for your loved ones should the worst happen.
  • If you are planning to take a mortgage or a loan to buy a car, Riziko gives your family financial security in the event of your passing.
Basic requirements:
  • The insured must be 14-74 years old.
  • The policy term may range from 1 to 20 years.
  • Depending on the payment scheme, the minimum annualised premium may range from EUR 20 to EUR 60.



Starost osiguranika40 godina40 godina
Trajanje osiguranja20 godina20 godina
Godišnja premija
200 EUR200 EUR
Osigurana suma
14.966,24 EUR
30.223,06 EUR

Special insurance plan: Riziko with a decreasing sum insured

You can take out this cover only to secure a credit. The sum insured decreases with the amount owed to the bank according following an annuity plan issued by Wiener Städtische osiguranje. Should you die, Wiener Städtische osiguranje pays your debt directly to the bank, according to the annuity plan. The maximum policy term is 30 years.
The last two years of the premium paying term are FREE!