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Cash Loan

Cash loan in RSD

Loan characteristics:
Amount: 64.000 – 2.000.000 RSD
Nominal interest rate:
  • For Payroll clients: 8,38%, variable (3m Belibor + 7,50%)*
  • For Non Payroll clients: 15,88%, variable (3m Belibor +15%)*
  • Payroll clients: from 8,85%
  • For Non Payroll clients: from 17,36%,
  • For Payroll clients: 12 - 71 months
  • For Non Payroll clients: 12 - 71 months
Other fees:
  • Disbursement fee: no disbursement fee
  • Bill of exchange: 50 RSD
  • Credit Bureau report: 246 RSD


Loan typePayroll loanPayroll loanPayroll loanNon Payroll loan
Loan amount (RSD)100.000 300.000 700.000 300.000
Tenor (months) 71717171
Disbursement fee 0% 0% 0% 0%
Installment (RSD)1.7975.39012.577 6.581
Total paid amount (RSD)127.860382.987893.241467.577
NIR* (variable) 8,38%8,38% 8,38% 15,88%
EIR* (variable) 8,96%8,88% 8,86% 17,40%

*The nominal interest rate is variable and is defined as the sum of 3m Belibor and margin. EIR is calculated using a value of 3mBelibor which is 0,88% as of 31.12.2021. The calculation of the EIR included: bill of exchange (50 RSD) and Credit Bureau report (246 RSD) Nominal interest rate is determined on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October when the variable element is aligned with the values of the officially published reference rate on the last day of the month that precedes the month in which the adjustment is made The changed variable interest rate will be applied in the first accounting period that starts after the change.

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