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Fifth Anniversary of Eurobank EFG SCHOLARSHIPS

9 July 2010.

EUR 50,000 to best students in Serbia this year again

For the fifth consecutive year, the Eurobank EFG will grant 50 scholarships, in the value of EUR1,000 each, to the best final-year students of the BA/integrated studies at the Serbian state universities. By conducting the Eurobank EFG Scholarships program in Serbia, the Bank has become one of the traditional pillars of support to higher education in the country, with a long-term objective in developing European values and the economic prosperity of Serbia.

Fifth Anniversary of Eurobank EFG SCHOLARSHIPS

The Eurobank EFG Scholarship program awards final-year academy students who will attend the final year of their undergraduate studies during the academic year 2010/11. Applicants must have an average grade of 9.5 or higher, demonstrate leadership potiential, proficiency in foreign languages, and an interest in community development. An independent selection committee will evaluate the applicants not only based on their academic results, but on the awards and their engagement in extracurricular activities.

The application process conducted online and in the English language. The scholarship program is administered by the Institute of European Education (, one of the world’s oldest education exchange institutions. An independent international selection committee, comprising of distinguished national and international professors and NGO education experts, will evaluate each application.

“For the fifth consecutive year, Eurobank EFG grants Scholarships to the best students of the state universities in Serbia. So far, 1,300 one-time scholarships, in the total value of more than EUR1. 2 million, have been granted, which makes the Eurobank EFG Scholarships one of the most significant high education support projects in Serbia. Education and investment into young talents is our long term commitment to give back to the Serbian,” said Philippos Karamanolis, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank EFG in Serbia.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in December 2010, and their names and CVs will be posted at the Bank’s webpage ( and published in daily press. The winners join an alumni network on Facebook, where they have an opportunity to interact with each other.

Nina Gavrilović, a 2009 Laureate student of the Faculty of Law in Niš, sees the Eurobank EFG Scholarship as a great help in her academic development, adding: “I am glad that there are companies which invest into the education system of our country and support in this manner young people who wish to learn and gain professional experience. It is evident that the scholarship acknowledges the students for their hard work and efforts they invested into their education. It is also a long-term investment in the professional workforce of Serbia.“

The “Eurobank EFG Scholarship” project is the part of the Bank’s comprehensive “We Invest in European Values” corporate social responsibility program that focuses on supporting education, public health, inclusive society and environmental protection, with more than EUR3.5m have been invested so far.