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“Moving Inclusive Museum” in Jagodina

27 November 2010.

Exhibition of items making life of persons with disabilities easier in the Cultural Centre

The exhibition of the best student design works within the “Moving Inclusive Museum” project, comprising items adjusted for everyday use by persons with disabilities, has been opened at the Cultural Centre of Jagodina.

The exhibition has been ceremonially opened by Nebojša Petrović, Director of the Cultural Centre of Jagodina, and Vesna Bogdanović, Executive Director of the Inclusive Society Development Center (CRID). Jagodina citizens have an opportunity to see this unique moving museum until December 06, 2010.

The Moving Inclusive Museum includes 27 practical items designed to make life of persons with disabilities and their families easier, following the principles of the Design for All concept. The exhibition was first opened in Belgrade in May, followed by all major cities in Serbia, in the aim of informing people across Serbia on ways in which design could help better integration of persons with disabilities in all areas of social life. The Moving Inclusive Museum has so far been visited by thousands of people in Belgrade, Niš, Pirot, Novi Pazar, and now Jagodina.

At the exhibition opening, the CRID Executive Director, Vesna Bogdanović, has said that improvements of lives of persons with disabilities depend on each individual, and that it is particularly important that young designers joined efforts in resolving this vital social issue. Vesna Bogdanović has expressed hope that items of the Moving Inclusive Museum will find their implementation in everyday life, appealing to producers across Serbia to adopt inclusive design principles and adjust their products to everyday use by all end-users.

Visitors of the Moving Inclusive Museum in Jagodina will see the winning work titled “Pillow with timer”, for easier waking up of persons with impaired hearing, the work of Stefan Milojević from the Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibits also include the second-ranked “Peg”, which helps persons with impaired vision to choose colour of their clothes, the work of Jelena Lazarević from the Belgrade Polytechnic Academy, and the third-ranked “Table for baby changing at public places” by Tamara Tričković from the Faculty of Applied Arts.

The Moving Inclusive Museum project was launched by the CRID in cooperation with Eurobank EFG. The works were evaluated by an expert commission, comprising foreign and local representatives of the European Institute for Design and Disability (EIDD) – Design for All Europe, and the Academy of Fine Arts from Bologna. The authors of the exhibited works are students of arts, architecture, forestry and design, who participated at the previously organised contest.

The European Institute for Design and Disability has recently granted a certificate on inclusivity for the Bank’s office building - “Eurobank EFG Centre“, as a recognition of the building adjustment to persons with disabilities, the first such certificate granted to a building in Serbia. As the bank which focuses on the integration of persons with disabilities, the Bank has, in cooperation with the CRID, conducted a professional training course for its employees on adequate approach to persons with disabilities and suitable terminology in communication with them. In order to provide better accessibility for all citizens, Eurobank EFG has so far adjusted 5 of its branches to persons with disabilities, and the Bank’s webpage can be used by persons with impaired vision.

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