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Fifth Anniversary Eurobank EFG Scholarships Granted

16 December 2010.

Bank rewarded 50 best students of Serbian State Universities

Eurobank EFG has granted today Scholarships worth EUR1,000 each to best students of state universities in Serbia for the fifth anniversary time.

Fifth Anniversary Eurobank EFG Scholarships Granted

The group of 50 best students in the country has received the Scholarships from Božidar Đelić, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integrations and Minister of Science and Technological Development, Žarko Obradović, Minister of Education, and Philippos Karamanolis, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank EFG. Granting ceremony was held in the hall of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, in presence of various government officials, representatives of the corps diplomatic, NGO sector, academic personalities and media representatives.

The rewarded students are senior undergraduates or final-year students of state universities in several cities - 25 new laureates are from Belgrade, 11 for Novi Sad, 13 from Niš, and 1 from Kragujevac. They all fulfill conditions defined by members of an independent selection commission for granting the Eurobank EFG Scholarships: the average grade higher than 9.5, proficiency in at least one foreign language, leadership potential and interest in the local community development.

“Eurobank EFG is proud for having managed to continuously support young and talented people of this country within our business operations. We believe that highly educated people are the largest potential of a country, generators of positive change and guarantors of improvements of economic stability. By investing in young people, the Bank sends a clear message of support to the vision of modern and pro-European Serbia, which will, with its human capital, be competitive at the global market,” said Filippos Karamanolis, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank EFG, upon congratulating the students on their Scholarships and achievements during their studies.

The application process was conducted online and in the English language. The Eurobank EFG Scholarship program is administered by the Institute of European Education ( ), one of the world’s oldest education exchange institutions. An independent international selection committee, comprising of distinguished national and international professors and NGO education experts, was engaged to select this year laureates.

“Being one of the laureates of Eurobank EFG Scholarships is a prestigious and valuable award for all talented students at State Universities in Serbia. Through this program, organised for the fifth consecutive year, Eurobank EFG recognises and rewards knowledge, work, efforts and diverse talents of the best students. Support they get from the private sector is precious – it motivates them to pursue with their studies, invest in further education, and may eventually open for them new paths for professional carrier”, said Tijana Janjić, last year’s laureate of Eurobank EFG Scholarships.

The 50 winners are announced at today’s ceremony, and their names and CVs will be posted at the Bank’s webpage ( and published in daily press. The winners join an alumni network on Facebook, where they have an opportunity to interact with each other. The Eurobank EFG Scholarships are integral part of the Bank’s CSR program titled “We invest in European values”. In the last five years, Eurobank EFG has granted more than 1350 one-time Scholarships, having invested more than EUR1.35 million in support to high education.

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