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Campaign of recycling electronic equipment in Eurobank EFG

21 March 2012.

3 tonnes of e-waste recycled

Eurobank EFG has recycled 3 tonnes of computer equipment, in cooperation with recycling company E-Reciklaža. By submitting more than 500 electronic and electric devices for recycling, the Bank has once again underlined the significance of responsible e-waste management and confirmed its commitment to business operations in line with the highest environmental protection standards.

Campaign of recycling electronic equipment in Eurobank EFG
Well-aware of the fact that responsible treatment and recycling of electronic waste are exceptionally important today, Eurobank EFG has recycled laptops, desktop PCs, printers, servers, modems, and other computer and electric devices out of use. For the second consecutive year, Eurobank EFG participates in the “Write off waste” campaign of Niš-based E-Reciklaža, which provides businesses with an opportunity to dispose of out-of-use electronic and electric equipment in an environmentally-friendly manner.

“By introducing the highest environmental standards at our business premises, we strive to provide a positive example and invite other companies to actively participate in recycling. It is important to note that e-waste belongs to a type of waste with the highest annual growth in Serbia, of more than 5% per capita,” points out Aleksandra Janjić, an associate in the Environmental Protection Department within the Banking Operations Sector of Eurobank EFG.

Eurobank EFG is the only bank in Serbia which has become a member of the United Nations Environment Program for Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and continues to be a responsible partner of the society in Serbia within this cooperation.

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