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Big Heart for Children’s Smiles in Kragujevac

22 May 2012.

Kragujevac, May 22, 2012 – The children’s playground of the “Crvenkapa“ Kindergarten, reconstructed within the “Big Heart” project, has officially been opened in Kragujevac today.

Big Heart for Children’s Smiles in Kragujevac

Thanks to more than 18,000 users of the “Big Heart” credit card, the “Crvenkapa“ Kindergarten now has the renovated children’s playground, including the latest equipment for playing and socialising of children from Kragujevac and its surroundings. This is the anniversary 10th kindergarten reconstructed in 3 years of this humanitarian project.

The courtyard of the “Crvenkapa“ Kindergarten in Kragujevac, mostly covered by trees before the reconstruction, is now refurbished and equipped with the latest devices for children’s playing and development, and, combined with the surrounding greenery, makes the space for children’s activities.

In three years of implementing this joint project of Eurobank EFG and the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation, more than 8,000 children across Serbia have been granted with an opportunity for nicer growing up in their respective kindergartens. The “Sunčica” Kindergarten in Belgrade, “Palčić” in Niš, “Veverica” in Pančevo, “Leptirić” in Nova Pazova, “Milka Dimanić” in Vlasotince, “Radost” in Čačak, “Bambi” in Bor, “Sunce” Day Care Centre for children with disabilities in Prokuplje, gym in the branch of Medveđa-based “Ljubivoje Bajić” Primary School in the village of Rujišnik, have all become favourite children’s playgrounds.

The unique “Big Heart” humanitarian card provides its users with an opportunity to support the reconstruction of children’s playgrounds in state kindergartens across Serbia, with no additional costs. This exclusive MasterCard card is used as any standard credit card, with an additional contribution to a humanitarian cause –a better future of children in Serbia. Upon each transaction, including purchase and cash withdrawal, Eurobank allocates part of its revenues to the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation for the reconstruction of children’s playgrounds in kindergartens across Serbia.

The reconstructed playgrounds are equipped with playing and other devices that can also be used by children from sensitive groups, which encourages social inclusion and provides additional support to equal and happy growing up.

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