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Connecting students with business community

15 June 2012.

Visit to successful companies: Eurobank EFG

Belgrade, June 15, 2012 - American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham) and the Centre for Career Development and Student Counseling of the University of Belgrade have organised a meeting of students and young graduates of the University of Belgrade to Eurobank EFG.

Connecting students with business community

The visit is part of the “Meet Business First Hand” program and is organised to provide students with an opportunity to gain new knowledge on the modern business world through direct contact with top managers of most successful companies. Since 2008, when the program was launched, 15 AmCham member companies have been visited and more than 500 students have had an opportunity to meet business first hand.

Presenting Eurobank EFG to the University of Belgrade students, member of the Board of Directors Ivan Vujačić has said that by acknowledging young talents, investments in the future of Serbia and development of its economic potential is made. ”Since its establishment in Serbia in 2003, Eurobank has been striving to be perceived as a systemic bank, which makes planned investments in the community where it operates. As one of the leading foreign investors and the bank for which Serbia is a market of strategic relevance, through our comprehensive CSR program “We invest in European values“, we enthusiastically focus our special attention to young people, because we believe that investing in young people and their knowledge is the main element of development of every advanced society,“ said Ivan Vujačić.

The “Meet Business First Hand” program is aimed at connecting prominent foreign and local companies with students and young graduates of the University of Belgrade, thus providing support for students in developing knowledge and skills of relevance for future professional career and further education.

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