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Cost-saving refinancing loan of Eurobank

17 September 2012.

Belgrade, September 17, 2012 – Wishing to offer retail clients with monthly expenses reduction and simple consolidation of several debts into one monthly installment, reduced by up to a half, Eurobank has introduced the “thrifty” refinancing loan. By refinancing their credit obligations (loan, credit card, overdraft) with the new “thrifty” loan of Eurobank, retail clients can significantly reduce their monthly expenses and interest rate at which they settle their obligations.

Cost-saving refinancing loan of Eurobank

In the current situation, when people are trying to reduce expenses, consolidation of all monthly payments into a single installment with the refinancing loan of Eurobank, represents a wise choice. Clients can save time and settle their monthly obligations with a competitive interest rate, with fewer documents. The application procedure for refinancing loans is very simple and requires only an ID.

- People have many financial obligations today and that significantly limits opportunities for any new investments. Therefore, Eurobank offers retail clients with an option of monthly saving and payment of monthly installments very quickly and easy. A refinancing loan installment in Eurobank can be reduced by a half, with an option of taking additional cash in line with a client’s needs and capacities – underlined Vladan Vilotijević, Retail Coordination & Development Manager at Eurobank.

All interested clients can obtain the best loan-related advice in any of more than 100 Eurobank branches across Serbia, which will provide them with all additional information, or by dialling EuroPHONE 0800 1111 44.

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