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Eurobank reduced CO2 emission in its business network

18 February 2013.

Power consumption reduced with power-saving LED bulbs

Belgrade, February 18th , 2013 – In line with the “Cost-Saving Loan” campaign, promoting saving in everyday activities such as driving, ironing and energy consumption, Eurobank has decided to replace halogen light bulbs in its branches with power-saving LED bulbs.

By using the light bulbs which last longer and spend less power, the bank contributes to the energy efficiency of its business network, including the business cost rationalisation. As the first financial institution with the CSR Certificate in the country, Eurobank will thus reduce the annual CO2 emission by 88.5 tons. In addition, LED light bulbs emit five times less carbon dioxide annually than halogen ones, the heating emission is lower 12.5 times, and their lifecycle is 11.67 times longer.

Power saving by replacing light bulbs has been implemented in line with the “Cost-Saving Loan” campaign, where all monthly debts towards banks are combined into one, up to a half lower installment, with a special benefit of no charge for loan application processing, valid until the end of March. In that manner, retail clients can reduce their monthly expenses and current interest rates of loans.

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