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Eurobank in global “Earth Hour” campaign

22 March 2013.

Environmental protection is one of key pillars of the Bank’s CSR activities

Belgrade, March 22nd, 2013 – As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy and support to environmental protection, Eurobank will join the “Earth Hour” campaign this year again and support this important global environmental initiative.

Eurobank in global “Earth Hour” campaign
On Saturday, March 23, from 8.30pm until 9.30pm, all lights in the “Eurobank Center“ office building in 10 Vuka Karadžića Street, Belgrade, will be switched off, with a recommendation to employees to do the same at their homes, in order to raise awareness on the importance of care for the sustainability and future of the planet.

“Earth Hour“ is a global campaign where millions of people worldwide switch off lights in their homes and offices to show how a simple act of turning off a switch can contribute to energy saving and active care for environmental protection.

Climate change is the most serious threat to the preservation of the planet, and energy consumption is one of the key factors that have a negative impact on our environment and its protection. In line with the highest environmental standards, Eurobank has introduced a range of energy saving measures in Serbia and provided an example on ways of saving resources for other companies by:

Replacing halogen light bulbs with energy saving LED ones in all branches Recycling paper (24.9 tons recycled in 2012) Recycling hazardous waste (3.28 tons recycled in 2012) Implementing latest solutions for the heating and cooling system (Central Control and Management System), where internal temperature is regulated upon external one and devices are automatically turned on at the beginning and turned off at the end of working hours, thus saving energy Reducing CO2 emission by using lead-free fuel for all Bank’s vehicles and striving to reduce the number of business trips by organising video conferences Educating the employees regularly on the significance of saving energy and non-renewable natural resources

Since 2006, Eurobank has been actively focused on environmental protection, and through the “Eurobank Parks“ program, worth more than EUR650,000, ten green oases in eight cities across Serbia have been revitalised. In addition, the “Eurobank Center“ is one of few office buildings in Belgrade that belong to the category of smart buildings, as it was constructed upon the latest environmental standards.

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