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Payment of due bonds based on old foreign currency savings in Eurobank starts

30 May 2013.

Belgrade, May 30, 2013 – Eurobank, as the official agent of the Republic of Serbia, services the payment of this year’s due bonds based on the old foreign currency savings, maturing as of May 31.

Eurobank is this year as well ready for the payment of the due bonds, starting on May 31. The funds are provided from the budget of the Republic of Serbia and all clients who submit valid documents will receive their payments. Clients can collect their bonds upon presenting a valid personal document (ID, refugee’s ID, dislocated person’s ID, or passport) and an account statement from the Serbian Securities Depository and Clearing House.

In addition to the above listed documents, an additional document will be required for clients whose installment exceeds EUR5,000 and who have not contacted the Bank before, as well as for clients who did not collect their bonds in the last two or several consecutive years. If the payment is made to an authorised person, who is to submit the additional document, he/she should also present a copy of the owner’s personal document, such as passport, driver’s license, valid healthcare card, most recent pension cheque, phone bill for a previous month, electricity or utility bill for a previous month.

A’ vista savings option is an excellent choice for clients who decide to continue to save. A special benefit of a’ vista savings is an attractive interest rate on funds available to a client at any moment, with maximum security and no additional costs. Clients who do not have this account can open it on the spot in Eurobank branches across Serbia.

Eurobank EFG also provides all interested citizens with an opportunity to get answers to all questions from their Personal Banker or additional information in relation to frozen bonds payment via a special option at or by dialling toll-free Euro PHONE 0800 1111 44.

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