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SASA Gallery adjusted to persons with disabilities

28 May 2013.

“Art for ALL” in Belgrade as well

Belgrade, May 28, 2013 - Eurobank, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) and Inclusive Society Development Center (CRID) have implemented the “Art for ALL” project, aimed at full adjustment of the Academy Gallery to persons with disabilities.

SASA Gallery adjusted to persons with disabilities
The procurement and installation of a multimedia guide, which is available at the following link as well as tactile aids in the exhibition rooms of the SASA Gallery will make culture available and provide opportunities for persons with disabilities. Owing to this project, persons with disabilities will have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of renowned painter Vladimir Veličković, an Academy member, in the SASA Gallery.

“The implementation of the “Art for ALL” project will significantly contribute to the modernisation and adjustment of the exhibition area of this popular Gallery to all. I would like to thank partners from the CRID on huge support, and particularly to Eurobank, which has once again confirmed that the financial sector can be a responsible partner of cultural institutions. We are exceptionally proud of the fact that the SASA will provide equality in regard to availability of culture, art and science,” said Dušan Otašević, an Academy member and Manager of the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The SASA Gallery is the first cultural institution in Serbia which is fully equipped in line with the “Design for All” principles of the European Institute for Design and Disability (EIDD). “Social inclusion, which we actively implement and promote through support to persons with disabilities in various areas of social life, represents one of the pillars of Eurobank’s corporate social responsibility. In addition to the long-standing partnership with the CRID, we have adjusted our office building in Belgrade and branches across Serbia to persons with disabilities”, noted Slavica Pavlović, a member of the Executive Board of Eurobank.

Aleksandar Bogdanović from the Inclusive Society Development Center (CRID) has presented the project, underlining that the installation of the audio and video guide in the SASA Gallery will make this institution unique in the country and equal to all renowned cultural institutions across Europe. “The society where culture and art are not available to all is not an environment that promotes equality and tolerance,” explained Aleksandar Bogdanović.

The “Art for ALL” project has provided persons with disabilities with visual or tactile approach to information for fulfilling their needs for art and culture. The adjustment of the SASA Gallery in Belgrade to persons with disabilities will influence other visitors to raise awareness regarding tolerance and understanding of needs of persons with disabilities, thus generating ideas about establishing a more humane environment for all.

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