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Big Heart” present for children’s imagination

10 September 2013.

Eurobank in cooperation with the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation and Laguna donated 4,500 books to kindergartens across Serbia

Big Heart” present for children’s imagination
Belgrade, September 10, 2013 – That reading is an irreplaceable part of carefree childhood has been confirmed by Eurobank, “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation and publishing company Laguna, which have donated more than 4,500 books to kindergartens across Serbia via the Big Heart project, within the “One Child – One Book” campaign. 8,000 children in 18 kindergartens, renovated during the Big Heart project, have received books for their libraries.

The kindergartens whose playgrounds have been renovated within the “Big Heart” project and rewarded with books during the “One Child – One Book” campaign are: “Sunčica“ Belgrade, “Palčić“ Niš, “Leptirić“ Nova Pazova, “Veverica“ Pančevo, “Bambi“ Bor, “Milka Dimanić“ Vlasotince, “Radost I i II“ Čačak, “Sunce“ Prokuplje, Ljubivoje Bajić School Medveđa Rujišnik, “Crvenkapa“ Kragujevac, “Sunce“ Inđija, “Mladost“ Kraljevo, “Mladost“ Novi Pazar, “Duga” Children’s Kindergarten Belgrade, “Vuk Karadžić“ School Pečenjevce, “Leptirić“ Dimitrovgrad, “Dečija radost“ Vranje, and Roma Residential Area Požarevac.

“A good book facilitates proper growing up and has an immense effect on the development of creative thinking, deepens the imagination and contributes to the adoption of morals and human values. In the last three years of the “Big Heart” project, we have been privileged to make happy numerous children across Serbia with the new playgrounds. In cooperation with publishing company Laguna, we have launched the “One Book Child – One Book” campaign and managed to provide the children with an insight into the world of imagination in the best possible manner – through playing and reading. Together the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation, we would like to thank Eurobank clients who have supported this project by using the “Big Heart” affinity card,” noted Nataša Krstić, Corporate Communications Director of Eurobank.

The card with a big heart – “Big Heart” MasterCard card – is used as any standard credit card, but its ultimate purpose is to improve the conditions for more carefree growing up of children in Serbia. Retail clients who opt for this unique credit card bear no additional costs, while contributing to the important humanitarian cause of supporting the reconstruction of playgrounds and introduction of libraries in pre-school institutions.

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