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Big Heart in SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo

23 September 2013.

Eurobank, “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation and Laguna renovated 19th playground and granted 250 books

Belgrade, September 23, 2013 – Within the “Big Heart” project, Eurobank, “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation and publishing company Laguna have visited the reconstructed playground of the SOS Children’s Village and donated 250 books for the youngest.

”Today we have had an opportunity to learn a lot. Children from the SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo have reminded us how easy it is to smile and how we must never forget the importance of playing and learning. Together we have deployed new playing equipment and renovated the Village playground so that our little friends can grow up in a nice and safe environment. We are very glad that we have had an opportunity to spend a day with them and grant 250 books, which we hope will keep a smile on their faces for a long time –noted Nataša Krstić, Corporate Communications Director of Eurobank.

In four years of its implementation, the “Big Heart“ project has managed to bring joy to 8,000 children. We have reconstructed 18 kindergartens across Serbia and in cooperation with publishing company Laguna we have donated 4,500 for kindergarten libraries. We hope that the project will last for a long time and that we will have an opportunity to make much more children happy - stress out Ana and Vlade Divac from the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation.

The card with a big heart – “Big Heart” MasterCard card – is used as any standard credit card, but its ultimate purpose is to improve the conditions for more carefree growing up of children in Serbia. Retail clients who opt for this unique credit card bear no additional costs, while contributing to the important humanitarian cause of supporting the reconstruction of playgrounds and introduction of libraries in pre-school institutions.