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Eurobank rewarded for results in payment transactions

24 December 2013.

Belgrade, December 24, 2013 - Eurobank has been rewarded by Commerzbank for exceptional results in the area of improving the segment of services related to payment transactions and financial transfers.

Commerzbank, one of the largest banks in Europe, which operates via networks in North and South America and Asia as well, has rewarded Eurobank for outstanding results in executing payment transactions and financial transfers, with reduced general costs and higher operating efficiency and satisfaction of the Bank’s clients.

The efficiency of Eurobank’s transactions is directly reflected in the client satisfaction rate and competitiveness at the banking market of Serbia. By working on the improvement of all segments of business operations, we accomplish excellent results, while building a better environment for the development of the banking sector as a whole. This prestigious reward is another confirmation of Eurobank’s efforts in the area of business innovation and I would like to thank the entire team whose outstanding work has contributed to this award" - notes Vesna Ćorović, Manager of the Banking Operations Department.

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