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4 February 2014.

Belgrade, February 04, 2014 – Eurobank has been issued the first energy passport in the banking sector, for the Eurobank Centar office building in 10 Vuka Karadžića Street in Belgrade. The energy passport with the grade C represents the confirmation of Eurobank’s investments in environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Eurobank Centar is among the first office buildings in Belgrade which combine functionality and environmentally-friendly design and is adjusted to needs of persons with disabilities

“Eurobank constantly invests in the design of solutions that contribute to energy efficiency, with environmental protection as one of the main postulates of Eurobank, which endeavours to protect the environment and ensure sustainable growth. Energy passports directly influence higher energy efficiency and more responsible management of natural resources,” says Aleksandar Đurković, Office Space Manager in Eurobank.

An energy passport contains general information on a specific building, type of energy that is used, climate and thermo-technical data, as well as recommendations for improving energy-saving features of the facility. In addition to financial saving, certified buildings also contribute to environmental protection. In addition to reduced costs and energy consumption, the resulting social benefit facilitates the establishment of a safe, productive and economical working environment.

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