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Eurobank – overdraft in amount of two monthly salaries

6 February 2014.

Belgrade, February 06, 2014 – As of today, Eurobank is offering a new benefit for its clients – an overdraft per current account in the amount of up to two monthly salaries or pensions. With this novelty, Eurobank becomes unique in the banking sector, as the only bank at the market which offers the maximum overdraft amount of up to two monthly salaries.

“Overdraft is directly related to the account at which a client’s salary is deposited every month and upon which it is issued. In other words, a client fulfills most of his/her obligations each month directly from their salary via overdraft. As a result, a client can manage overdraft more rationally, as lower interest rates in the absolute amount are charged – since most of a debt is covered by salary, and therefore the principal sum that is charged with the interest rate is significantly lower,” explains Vladan Vilotijević, Retail Coordination & Development Head in Eurobank.

As the most optimal solution, the Bank clients have an option of withdrawing funds when necessary, which means that they do not use the maximum overdraft at the beginning of a month. New conditions for account overdraft are beneficial for clients, as in this manner they will have more funds at their disposal.

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