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9 June 2014.

Belgrade, June 09, 2014 - Eurobank has started accepting applications and approving subsidised loans for maintaining solvency, financing long-term working capital and refinancing in 2014, in line with the Serbian Government’s Decree.

“So far Eurobank has participated in all the Government’s programs of assistance to businesses via subsidised loans, and high interest in this type of loan has been registered immediately after the Decree adoption,” says Milić Čavić, Head of the SME Operations Sector in Eurobank.

A maximum tenor for these loans is 18 months, including a grace period of up to six months. Loans are approved in RSD, with an annual interest rate of up to 5.45 percent and a one-time processing fee of up to 0.5 percent of the approved loan amount.


Eurobank is a European banking organization with total assets of € 77.6 bn (as at 31.12.13), offering universal banking across eight countries. Eurobank has a dynamic presence in Greece and holds lead positions in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, offers discerning Wealth Management services in Cyprus, Luxembourg and London and is also present in Ukraine.

More information about Eurobank can be found at

For additional information, please contact the authorised public relations agency, Represent Communications. Contact: Ivana Pavlović 063 34 53 29