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11 August 2014.

All Eurobank clients can now make interest-free deferred payments for goods and services by drawing cheques

Belgrade, August 11, 2014 - Eurobank has offered provided its clients with an opportunity to make deferred payments for goods and services by drawing cheques.

Eurobank is one of several banks at the market which have offered their clients who have a current account with them to pay for goods and services in installments, with cheques.

- We are all aware of the reduced purchasing power of the population, both here and worldwide. Therefore, the option of interest-free purchase of goods and services with deferred payment, by drawing cheques, is a privilege used by an increasing number of people. Experience has shown that good old cheques are still popular as a method of payment, since, in addition to no interest and more economical financial planning, they also provide room for reducing expenses. As of now, Eurobank clients also have that option at their disposal – noted Aleksandra Bursać, Business Network Head in Eurobank.

Options of deferred payment by drawing cheques are increasingly available today. Many stores offer goods for cheques to up to six months, while some tourist agencies sell holiday packs with payment in 12 cheques.

All interested clients can contact any of 95 Eurobank branches across Serbia or get additional information on cheque options at toll-free EuroPHONE 0800 1111 44 and at

Eurobank is a European banking organization with total assets of € 77.6 bn (as at 31.12.13), offering universal banking across eight countries. Eurobank has a dynamic presence in Greece and holds lead positions in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, offers discerning Wealth Management services in Cyprus, Luxembourg and London and is also present in Ukraine. More information about Eurobank can be found at