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8 September 2014.

For selected loan of RSD100,000, it is necessary to repay RSD110,000 in one year

Belgrade, September 05, 2014 – With the arrival of September and growing expenses, Eurobank has offered an option of taking a cash loan to save costs for all interested retails clients, where a loan in the amount of RSD100,000 requires repayment of only RSD11,000 after one year.

Eurobank has prepared an attractive offer this autumn as well for all interested retail clients at this period which is traditionally marked by huge expenses. This time, we have made calculations easier for our clients, as now they know from the start what their monthly installment is, namely what amount they should repay after one year in case they opt for Eurobank’s cash loan to cut costs at Eurobank – noted Vladan Vilotijević, Retail Coordination & Development Head at Eurobank.

If clients decide in favour of a loan in the amount of RSD100,000 with a one-year tenor, they will repay the total of RSD100,00 by next September, with a fixed interest rate and a monthly installment of around RSD9,000. “In this manner, we guarantee to our clients fast loan approval, safety and predictability of a household budget and monthly installments, as are the market requirements that we respond to,“ says Vilotijević.

Loan example

Loan amount RSDTenor (months)Fixed NIREIRMonthly instalment amount RSDTotal repaid after 12 months RSD

All interested clients can visit any of 95 Eurobank branches across Serbia or get additional information on this loan and other products and services at toll-free EuroPHONE 0800 1111 44 and at


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