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“Big Heart” Made First School Children Happy

28 November 2014.

“Miloje Pavlović“ Primary School got playground

Belgrade, November 28, 2014 – As of today, the “Miloje Pavlović“ Primary School for children with special needs has a new children’s playground, equipped owing to funds collected through the “Big Heart” affinity card of Eurobank and the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation. This is the first school playground renovated within the “Big Heart” project, after the reconstruction of 24 kindergartens across Serbia.

“Big Heart” Made First School Children Happy
“We have confirmed today that our “Big Heart” project exceeds its limits when it comes to humanity. It was not difficult for us to make a small precedent and, for the first time in four years, make school children happy, namely children with special needs from the municipalities of Čukarica, Rakovica and Barajevo, who attend the Miloje Pavlović Primary School. This represents an opportunity to once again remind everyone that investment in children and conditions of their education and upbringing is investment in our future as well,“ said Magdalena Tatić, Head of Consumer Lending Business in Eurobank.
Thanks to more than 22,000 users of the unique “Big Heart” MasterCard card, in four years of the joint humanitarian project, Eurobank and the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation have revitalised 25 children’s playgrounds at the territory of Serbia and made more than eight thousand children happy.
Our renowned athlete, Vlade Divac, has expressed gratitude towards all “Big Heart” credit card users, as they have enabled the reconstruction of another children’s playground, and added the following: “I am certain that pupils will be delighted with the new playground and that it will help them achieve even better results since, as far as I know, they are good athletes and are already winning impressive awards at municipal and interschool sports contests.”
The card with a big heart – “Big Heart” MasterCard card – is used as any standard credit card, but its ultimate purpose is focused on improving conditions for more carefree growing up of children in Serbia. Clients who opt for using this unique card bear no additional costs, while contributing to an important humanitarian cause by supporting revitalisation of playgrounds and introduction of libraries in pre-school institutions across Serbia.
*** The aim of the “Miloje Pavlović” Primary School is education and upbringing of children with special needs, namely difficulties in intellectual development. The school is attended by 116 pupils in 18 classes. It was established in 1975 and educates children with special needs from the municipalities of Čukarica, Barajevo and Rakovica. Miloje Pavlović, after whom the school is proudly named, was a renowned Serbian historian and teacher, who stayed with his students until his last moment in front of a shooting squad in Kragujevac, on October 21, 1941.

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