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Eurobank improves business operations with support of Microsoft technologies

24 February 2015.

Partnership between the two companies enables maximally fast and efficient loan application processing and eliminates unnecessary visits to the Bank branches

Eurobank improves business operations with support of Microsoft technologies

Belgrade, February 26, 2015 – Modern banking business includes more than financial products and services. It is very important for banking services users to get services near their home or work, quickly and without unnecessary visits to a bank branch. Although it is seemingly easy to establish a team of mobile agents, the existence of strict work procedures, aimed at protecting clients and the stability of the financial market, sets complex challenges for the teams designing work processes and related technological solutions.
In order to make loan application processing as fast and efficient as possible, Eurobank in Serbia has equipped its mobile agents with smartphones and enabled them to scan documents on the spot, thus making the data instantly available for processing by the bank. Expert teams of Eurobank and Microsoft have opted for Nokia Lumia 730 mobile phones, primarily owing to an exceptional data protection rate and an option of remote device supervision and control, as well as an excellent price, screen size and camera ratio.
Free Microsoft Office Lens app is selected for scanning and image quality improvement, enabling simple exchange of scanned documents, while the place for sharing documents is OneDrive for Business, which Eurobank already has within the Office 365 plan available to its employees. In this manner, the technologies owned by the bank are used to a maximum and, more importantly, a new channel of cooperation with clients has been opened, with a much higher service quality rate than usual. It is also important to note that a lot of attention has been paid to data safety, their separation and access control with clearly defined rules, in order to protect the requirements defined by the Law on Personal Data Protection.
“In the world where mobility and instant access to services is expected everywhere, Microsoft is in a position to create tailored-made solutions from its wide service portfolio in cooperation with a client. Such a solution represents optimal balance of price, simple use, safety, scalability and execution speed,” said Marko Marjanović, a large account strategy advisor in Microsoft Serbia, adding that Microsoft is the global leader in computer technology delivery, including software, services and solutions helping users and companies achieve their full potential.
“Service Now, as is the working title of this service, provides us with huge flexibility and access to new potential clients,” said Nenad Manasijević, IT Infrastructure Manager in Eurobank who, in cooperation with a long-standing partner, CPU d.o.o., and his team led by Branko Nikolić, senior system engineer, designed and implemented the project service and provided service access across Serbia.

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